a rural village in Russia


The largest country in the world, Russia is now at a crossroads, making it a particularly fascinating topic of study. We are the only university in South Carolina offering a major in Russian.

What to Expect

As a Russian major, you will be immersed in the study of Russian culture, language and literature and be exposed to innovative classes with award-winning professors who are dedicated to the success of our students. You will learn to speak, read, write and understand the Russian language as well as develop a keen understanding of Russian culture and history. Many of our students choose to double-major in Russian and another field, often international studies, business or one of the sciences. 

You may also choose to study in Russia. The Russian program is affiliated with the American council program of study abroad in Russia. You can travel with our faculty members to Russia on one of many study abroad trips. Destinations in the past have included Moscow, St. Petersburg, Lake Baikal, Taganrog and more. During your study abroad experience, you will be immersed in language and culture and develop skills that will benefit your coursework when you come back to the university and that will enhance your future career opportunities.


Undergraduate Degree

B  B.A. in Russian

The Russian Program is part of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures in the College of Arts and Sciences. The department focuses on the teaching of foreign languages, their associated literatures and global culture. Students learn from native speakers, benefit from innovative web-based programs where they interact directly with their peers in other countries, and study with professors who have written the books they use in courses. Your typical course may include:

  • Intermediate Russian I and II
  • Introduction to Russian Civilization
  • Russian Conversation and Composition I and II
  • Advanced Russian I and II
  • 19th-Century Russian Literature in Translation
  • 20th-Century Russian Literature in Translation
  • 19th-Century Russian Literature in Russian
  • 20th-Century Russian Literature in Russian
  • Selected Topics in Russian


Apply for Undergraduate Admission

Our Office of Undergraduate Admissions provides the most current information on the application process so you can check the requirements based on your current status and find university scholarships.