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Division of Information Technology

FAQ for UofSC IT Reorganization

With very few exceptions, IT staff members’ supervisors will not change in the initial transition into UofSC IT. You will have already been notified if your reporting structure will change at the time of transition.

This project is not intended to reduce the number of IT staff. All positions will be maintained when CAS and DoIT merge into UofSC IT.

At the time of transition, all in-scope CAS IT staff members will report to the CAS IT Director David Mullaney, who will in turn report to Michael Dollar, director of distributed IT.

The upcoming organizational change will not affect service relationships between IT staff and end-users. IT staff will continue working with and providing service to the same people they did previously.

 IT staff job responsibilities will not change as part of the initial transition into UofSC IT.

 During the 18-month course of IT Optimization, new IT staff positions will eventually open as a result of newly-available enterprise IT services and resources. Each new position will be announced to IT staff, and will be posted for any staff member to apply.

Yes. No offices will be moved at this time.

A specific sequence for each unit’s optimization is under development. This will be an ongoing process that takes place from October 2020 through 2022.


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